Student Management Software (SMS)


Meets the Accreditation & Immigration queries

  • Alerts for Visa Expiry
  • Alerts for Passport Expiry
  • Alerts for Poor Attendance
  • Alerts for Fees Due
  • Alerts to issue warning letters


  • Admission Report 
  • Attendance Report 
  • Course Finish Date Report 
  • Current Students List 
  • Enrollment Expiry Report 
  • Letters Report 
  • Passport Expiry Report 
  • Receipts Report 
  • Student Source Report
  • Termination Report 
  • Test Results Report 
  • Visa Expiry Report  


  • Students Module
  • Admission Module
  • Receipts Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Letters Module
  • Courses Module
  • Reports Module
  • Admin Module
  • Test Results Module


  • Issue Pre-format Letters to students by click of a button, like Holiday Letter, Bank letter, Status Letters etc
  • Track the source of students through agents, website, newspaper etc
  • Issue warning letters by email 
  • Automatically calculates attendance percentage and alerts the college
  • Set contact points and reporting procedures to suit your needs
  • Full customization to meet your requirements.


  • Multi user version 
  • Set different access rights for users
  • Work from anywhere with internet connection
  • No Annual Charges


Can be hosted on your existing web server - requires the following

  • Windows Web Hosting
  • Ms-Sql database
  • ASP .NET
  • Domain / sub domain

Website Design & Development


Website Design

Bespoke Web Design tailored to your needs. Custom layouts exclusive design. We also design website with tools available from your hosting companies. 

Website Contents

Website Contents provided for educational providers. Policy documents  written and uploaded to the websites. Policies and procedures are written to meet the requirements of accreditation and immigration authorities.

Search Engine Optimisation

Increase the visibility of your websites or a web page. Get unpaid results in organic way.

Adwords Campaign

We can design and run your adwords campaign, can monitor the CPC and improve the results on a daily / weekly basis.

E-Commerce Websites

We provide custom or ready made shopping cart for your website. We also create shopping cart websites using website builders available in your hosting account.

Website Maintenance

We can manage your website on a monthly / yearly contract.